You might have seen our article on Festivals of Nepal and there’s more to talk about how most of those festivals come from. Nepal once being a Hindu Kingdom has numerous cultural diversities reflecting the Hindu Religion. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal seeking sacred observations.  So, if you are also the one who plan this year a calm religious tour, me being a local insider have tried to select the top 10 Hindu temples in Nepal owing to their popularity, strong faith, history and architectural importance which offer you a complete peace of mind, rejuvenating inner spirit and the most astounding views of the sculpture and architecture.

Sandwiched between two giants India and China, Nepal is one of the coolest places to visit on earth. Nepal, the land of Himalayas along with its excellent natural exquisiteness, is also popular for its pilgrimage, culture, festivals, languages, food, hospitality, adventures and many more.  In this sense, out of the thousands of amazing experiences you can have in Nepal, I would like to fit most of them in 13 points.

If you are reading this article, we are guessing you are planning to visit Nepal, or you are on the way here. The first thing that will give you a taste of officials of Nepal is the International Airport. Nepal has only one international airport and is located in the capital, Kathmandu. It is definitely different than the international airport back at your home, and preparing yourself for what might come ahead can come in handy. This article provides you the step by step guide to survive your (Tribhuvan International Airport) Nepal Airport encounter. 

Nepal’s geographic diversity brings diverse customs and traditions and people. With numerous ethnic groups and around 123 languages, Nepal is full of festivals. Nepal probably holds more yearly festivals and holidays that any other nation in the world. There is no way anyone (including Nepalese) can celebrate all the festivals of Nepal, but we will be talking about the major ones that you as a tourist can celebrate in Nepal. So, check your calendar and see if the following dates fall in your travel itinerary.